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FIT Lab at Functionised Jim Goetz
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What if...you were able to exercise smarter to be healthy and fit without sacrificing valuable time?

Functionised was developed in order to optimize your daily function and improve all aspects of your life.

Whether your are ready for it or not, each and every day life happens. The choice to struggle through this day or to be productive and enjoy this day is yours.

Functionised offers an array of services from our high efficiency gym, precision nutrition and weight loss to brain training and coaching as well as IV therapy and the highest caliber chiropractic care to ensure you operate at your peak.

Whether you stay at home, are a work-a-holic, high powered CEO, or an athlete of any level (just starting to Olympic or Professional Athlete)- we will have you working at a far higher level.

Conventional wisdom says you need to spend hours a week exercising to see results. Science says otherwise, we have the data to prove it!
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