Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

Job Posted 7/24/2023
D1 Training
1257 S Crismon Rd
Mesa, AZ 85209
United States
Experience Required
Degree Required
Job Start Date
$40,000.00 Per Year
Job Description


  • Opportunity to work with elite athletes.
  • Fun, high-energy work environment!
  • Continuing education through company-sanctioned events.
  • Access to a state-of-the-art facility!
  • Ownership team that supports work-life balance and career growth.
  • No more toxic atmospheres or unpaid hours working!

D1 is an athletic-based training facility for athletes, ages 7 and up, with a mission to provide the best fitness philosophy and facility to the community. We empower them to improve themselves by efficiently and consistently reaching their fitness goals.

At D1, we promise our athlete: “You pick the goal, we help you get there.” D1 Coaches implement and instill the D1 training philosophy into every workout. They exhibit the ability to adapt and customize programs in the workouts by tailoring them to each athlete. They take a personal stake in the lives of our athletes, maintaining regular contact and monitoring their individual progress toward their goals.

Company Overview

  • Rookie (ages 7-11) – Our youngest athletes where we lay a foundation for athleticism.
  • Devo (12-14) – Focus on speed, agility, and strength development. We introduce weights through simple lifts.
  • Prep (15-18) – Replicate an NCAA D1 strength and conditioning program to develop real speed, strength, and quickness.
  • Adult – A 54-minute workout designed to build muscle and strength.
  • D1 on 1 – Our PT offering that allows coaches to build programming specifically to meet the goal of the athlete. Coaches can incorporate sports-specific training and tap into skill work.
  • D1 Overtime – Our small group training that includes multiple athletes with a shared goal. Coaches come up with customized programming specifically to meet the goal. Coaches can incorporate sports-specific training and tap into skill work.
  • D1 to U – Our coaches go on-site and train teams/athletes in their own facilities.
  • D1 Team Training – Local athletic teams rent our facility and coaches put the team through customized programming.

Job Summary

  • Create a positive, teaching environment for 4-6 part-time coaches; oversee schedules.
  • Train and develop the other coaches through staff meetings, continuing education, and program review.
  • Work with General Manager (GM) to ensure all coaches are Level 1 certified, the D1 Way.
  • Maximize client retention through best-in-class service of coaching, training, nutrition, and accountability.
  • Create a motivating environment for all athletes by:
    • Having a positive and motivating attitude.
    • Having a high ethical standard.
    • Exhibiting passion, expertise, high energy, and exceptional customer service.
    • Starting and finishing workouts on time.
    • Assessing and aligning each member with the proper program.
    • Building and maintaining relationships with each D1 member.
    • Delivering industry-leading educational advice on strength, speed, and nutrition.
    • Teaching proper form and technique to keep all our athletes safe.
  • Conduct assessments and goal setting during the recruitment process ensuring athletes are prescribed and committed to the proper program for their goals.
  • Modify and adapt movements that are best suited for the individual at hand.
  • Conduct and lead all classes the D1 Way which requires proper attire, proper music, and strong verbal cues.
  • Provide feedback to D1 Home Office on the programming and success stories.
  • Help maintain and clean studio equipment.
  • Attend and lead marketing events such as competitions, combines, etc.
  • Report to and assist the GM.
  • Work with GM to create and post Social Media content for our followers.
Megan Lefebvre
1257 S Crismon Rd
Mesa AZ 85209
United States
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