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Job Posted 4/14/2023
6869 Woodlawn Ave NE STE 201
Seattle, WA 98115
United States
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REWIRE Brain Fitness Center - General Manager

Who We Are

Our understanding of health and well-being is evolving every day. Each of us deserves to feel present, connected, and strong – these are built upon a foundation of good brain health. At REWIRE, we believe in combining the best that science has to offer with a human-centered approach to brain fitness. Using research-proven tools, our goal is to bring improved brain fitness to as many people as possible, to help them experience their highest quality of life. We use research-backed methods and technology in a one-to-one session that rapidly creates noticeable changes.

Job Summary

As the ultimate leader of the location, the Brain Fitness Center Manager is accountable for every aspect of our Brain Fitness Center success, ensuring that all aspects of the location are running well, and that the location is delivering an exceptional client experience. The Brain Fitness Center Manager is responsible for hiring and developing people and for creating an environment and a location culture where people feel a sense of collaboration, team camaraderie, and have the opportunity to grow. As a result, they ensure their location delivers quality client experiences in line with company values, and fiscal success that supports our growth.

Core Responsibilities of the Job

Leadership and People Management

  • Leadership role directly responsible for managing the location’s team members.

  • Create and foster a respectful and inclusive team environment and culture by welcoming and celebrating differences to ensure a supportive, productive, and comfortable experience for team members.

  • Establish a vision for the location’s success, based on key metrics and initiatives, and cascade to all team members.

  • Manage the location’s hiring strategy to build a strong and diverse team.

  • Train new store team members on the company values, science, and protocols and practices that are specific to their role.

  • Schedule team member shifts and ensure session and communications coverage during open hours.

  • Ultimately responsible for hiring and terminating all location employees.

  • Support ongoing learning and development of all team members consistently and equitably by providing direct feedback, coaching, mentoring, and continuous development check-ins.

  • Ensure that all team members are following processes, maintaining standards, and creating a consistent client experience.

  • Address employee concerns and issues, and know when to partner with senior leadership to resolve.

Client Experience and Community

  • Lead an exceptional and consistent client experience at the location, and support team members to address gaps through feedback and coaching.

  • Partner with frontline team to convert new clients into ongoing members by learning about client needs, educating clients about Programs and options for Membership, and following up with potential clients to improve conversion.

  • Manage and direct in-location team members to ensure optimal client experience that values clients’ time and needs, and supports location operations and priorities.

  • Address emergent issues, including client escalations and urgent requests.

  • Establish and increase brand awareness in the community by cultivating and maintaining inclusive relationships with local partners, community influencers, and other external partners.

  • Plan and execute local, regional, and area driven Community projects, promotions and initiatives (e.g., local brain health club, International Mental Health Day).

Operations, Product, and Strategy

  • Drive overall location presentation, and execute company-driven service and product actions, projects, and initiatives.

  • Manage inventory for location cleaning and equipment supplies, supplements, and other products and maintenance needs

  • Ensure regular equipment and location maintenance and operations

  • Plan and execute high-level quarterly planning for the location with respect to strategy, budget, and team hours (including recruiting and training/development).

  • Ensure the location is maintained as a clean and safe environment.

  • Assess and fulfill the needs of the business, team, and clients through coaching and developing team members.

  • Understand and adhere to people safety policies and procedures to maintain a safe work environment.

  • Perform work in accordance with applicable policies, procedures, and laws or regulations.

Budget Responsibility

  • Accountable for controllable time budget; consistently achieve the target for team hours vs total client sessions ratio.

  • Optimize scheduling of clients and team members to ensure efficiency in cost.

  • Work to ensure high conversion of new clients to programs and memberships, to achieve goals for sales targets, and achieve goals for conversion rate.

  • Manage whole location profit and loss (P&L) in accordance with goals (sales, budget, etc.).

  • Make recommendations and execute plans to optimize costs across the location’s operations.

What We Look For

  • Team Building: Creates and develops teams that maximize accomplishments; encourages unique contributions and different perspectives

  • Strategic Thinking: Considers the lasting implications of decisions; Sets a plan and makes decisions aligned with company strategy, vision, and values

  • Change Management Leadership: Leads others through change processes and uncertainty

  • Business Acumen: Is able to quickly understand and address business information (e.g., budgets and sales forecasts, retail strategy and approaches)

  • Interactive Communication: Conveys information effectively and understands information shared while interacting with others

  • Inclusion & Diversity: Creates and supports an inclusive environment that values and respects differences

  • Integrity: Behaves in an honest, fair, predictable and ethical manner

  • Leadership: Is able and desires to lead and inspire others; motivates, empowers, develops, and directs people as they work

  • Decision Making/Problem Solving: Identifies opportunities for improvement; evaluates alternatives and makes effective, timely decisions

  • Drive/Entrepreneurship: Sets challenging, focused goals and is motivated and determined to meet or exceed them; is innovative and owns results

Job Requirements


  • Must be legally authorized to work in the United States

  • Must have the ability to travel to assigned location with reliable transportation methods


  • Work occurs on a variable schedule which could include early mornings, mornings, afternoons, evenings, late evenings, as well as weekends and holidays.


  • 3+ years people management experience (including recruiting, hiring, and holding employees accountable to performance expectations)

  • 2+ year managing business operations and administration, including experience with retail scheduling and management of team scheduling

Bonus (i.e. nice to have; not required)

  • Education: High school diploma, GED, or equivalent

  • Education: Certification in Personal Training or similar client-focused fitness/exercise qualification

  • Experience: 2+ years retail wellness management experience

Work Context (e.g., environment, interactions, physical)

  • Work occurs in an environment with bright lights

  • Work is accomplished as part of a team and also independently

  • Work may involve managing conflict or mediating problems between others or de-escalating client issues

  • Work involves reaching out to meet and build relationships with new people, and to strengthen existing community partnerships

  • Work is sometimes conducted on a computer or other technical devices, including to meet with others virtually

  • Work involves moving through a location for most of a shift to help staff and clients and to accomplish activities, but can also involve sitting for extended periods of time (i.e., more than 1 hour)

  • Work may occasionally involve moving boxes weighing up to 30 lbs (13.6 kg)

Beyond The Paycheck (Benefits & Perks)

At REWIRE, we care about the whole person - health, body and mind. Our wellbeing grant program is designed to support you in achieving your goals and in having the energy and headspace to connect and engage with the people and activities you love. In addition to competitive base pay, we also offer paid time off, health insurance, access to the REWIRE system.

Note: Availability of these benefits and perks may be subject to your location & employment type and may have certain eligibility requirements. The Company reserves the right to alter these benefits and perks in whole or in part at any time without advance notice.


  • Health insurance

  • Vision insurance

  • Dental insurance

  • Paid time off

  • Flexible schedule

Job Type: Full-time


  • Full-time, 40 hours per week

  • 8 hour shifts, incl 30 min paid meal break

  • Weekend and holiday availability, semi-irregular schedule across 7 days of the week

Work Location: Green Lake, Seattle, WA

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6869 Woodlawn Ave NE STE 201
Seattle WA 98115
United States
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