Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach

Job Posted 5/22/2023
Sedulous Strength & Conditioning
1940 Avenue L Suite B
West Palm Beach , FL 33404
United States
Experience Required
Job Start Date
$45,000.00 to $85,000.00 Per Year
Job Description

SEDULOUS Strength and Conditioning is looking for people that are truly passionate about helping others to achieve their personal goals in sports, fitness and in life. We are searching for driven, responsible, trust worthy individuals looking for a career it fitness and sports performance. We are looking for those ready to stand by and deliver our philosophy of providing unparalleled quality and value to both athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, continuing to elevate us to a category of one.

SEDULOUS Strength and Conditioning WAS a Private Personal Training/Small Group training facility centered around Olympic Weightlifting and Strength and Conditioning, in the Riviera Beach/West Palm Beach area. However, we have since grew out of the space, and have just purchased a 6,000sqft facility in which we are looking to staff immediately with quality personal to provide more class and team sport opportunities.

SEDULOUS is a 24/7 facility featuring a full Competition Olympic Weightlifting section, 18 athlete HITT training section, 90x15ft of indoor turf, Keiser Air Compression explosion equipment, 6 Perform-X Trak-X platforms, 3 Run Rocket Sprint Resistance Trainers, 3 Torque fitness sleds, 2 onsite recovery rooms featuring massage and stretch therapy, a Commercial XL Cold Plunge, Sauna, Normatec recovery area, and more. We have also partnered with HealthMax Center of Palm Beach to provide extremely cost effective chiropractic care. We believe recovery is an essential part of the journey.

Our clientele ranges from ages 6-67 and from nationally ranked Olympic Weightlifters, professional and collegiate athletes to fitness enthusiasts simply looking to improve quality of life. We are highly focused on the development of youth, teen, and collegiate athletes, while also providing our services to clients of all goals and backgrounds. We have a passion for helping others and believe in putting our clients needs and desires well above ours. We thrive through building personalized programs suitable for the specific needs of each individual, enabling them to achieve their goals in a much more streamlined, efficient fashion.

We are currently looking for a Strength and Conditioning Coach that is ready to build themselves and develop new skills. Must be comfortable working with youth athletes in a one on one, or small group setting. Must be comfortable in a team sport setting. We pride ourselves on providing top of the industry pay to our coaches, as we want this to be the one and only job they need and can give your all too.

If this sounds of interest to you I'm looking forwards to working with you.

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1940 Avenue L Suite B
West Palm Beach 33404
United States
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