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Unconventional Strength

419 E Michigan St Unit #4
Orlando 32806
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FST Level 1
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About our studio:

Traditional exercise and conventional wisdom with regards to health and wellness are outdated and antiquated. Traditional exercise programs utilize body part splits emphasizing bodybuilding type movements and long bouts of aerobic or “cardio” training in between. That's all well and good if you are a bodybuilder or trying to compete as a bodybuilder, but that is not the way body functions. The body functions as an integrated unit, that needs to be efficient in all facets including strength, power, and endurance. This is where Unconventional Strength separates itself from your typical gym or personal training studio. Our emphasis is on utilizing unconventional tools such as TRX, Battle Ropes, Sandbags, Steel Maces, and Kettlebells to create workouts that satisfy all of the requirements of the human body within each workout program. Our coaching emphasizes proper movement mechanics (aka making sure clients are performing the movements correctly and with the right musculature), scaling to the client’s individual limits and challenging those limitations to create change. The results are workouts that are efficient, simple to learn and promote a healthy, stable, strong body without movement limitations.