Superstar Boutique Fitness Instructor (Boxing)

Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates

Job Start Date
Manages Others
Experience Required
Degree Required
From $35,000 To $65,000
Per Year    
Employment Type
Work Schedule
No Travel

Job Description
As a trainer, you will be the frontline and the beating heart of PUNCH. You will be the focal component that will promote the business and the main reason for its success. You will engage customers with dynamic exercise programs in an exhilarating venue loaded with world class equipment & technological bits that will create an adrenaline filled environment for an exceptional experience. You will be an integral part of PUNCH's advancement and a main driver for meeting business objectives and KPI’s.
Job Requirements
- Previous Boxing experience is a MUST. Be knowledgable of boxing techniques, stance, form and taught boxing classes before.
- Have the ability to program boxing exercises that are combined with body weight and weighted (using weights) routines.
- Extensive experience in teaching group class exercises that are based on HIIT and circuit style with at least 15 people in one class.
- Experienced in teaching group classes in a boutique studio environment (such as Barrys Bootcamp, Orange Theory, Split, etc.)
- Previous Microphone experience while teaching a class is Mandatory. Has the ability to understand different sound systems to adjust mic levels.
- Have the ability to select, create and curate music playlists that synchronize with boxing style exercises (such as Hip Hop, RnB, etc). Experience in cropping and cross fading music for classes is highly preferred with the ability to do transitions between genres.
- Demonstrate the ability to prepare creative and innovative programs by providing a sample program prepared previously consisting of a combination of Boxing, Body weights and Weighted exercise routines.
- Has the ability to improvise during a class and increase motivation levels.
- Demonstrate the ability to say cues in the class.
- Familiar with controlling clubbing lighting systems in studios is a plus.

- Program, teach and execute all assigned classes as per PUNCH class method.
- Have an active social media presence by regularly posting about PUNCH in a fun and organic manner.
- Enforce PUNCH rules and general industry safety standards.
- Teaching groups in events and activations.
- Utilize resources provided by PUNCH to fully engage customers and provide them with exceptional experience.
- Meeting sales targets by maximizing occupancy, generating new leads and promoting the extraordinary experience that PUNCH delivers to its customers.
- Execute all tasks, attend business meetings, be part of the continuous strategic planning, report to management and strive to achieve PUNCH KPI's.
- Ensure the reliability of all assets, assets count and conduct a comprehensive housekeeping post class completion when needed.
- Ensure to return and pack all equipment in their designated slots within the venue as per PUNCH Standard Operating Procedures.
- Reporting of any missing or damaged assets via PUNCH standard reporting processes.
- Report customers suggestions, complaints and feedback at all times.

Friendly and humble
Energetic in and out of the work environment
Adaptive to change
Willing to learn and progress
Ability to work under pressure when needed
Stylish, trendy and good looking
Men minimum height is 1.75m and 1.65m for Women
Likes going out and socializing with new people
Open minded
Abides to rules and leadership instructions
Liberal and not to be associated with any political and religious groups and/or activities.
Workouts regularly and maintain high physique standard
Must have good eating habits
Serious and committed.
Mild tattoos are acceptable with no offensive representations

Two weeks intensive training shall be provided to the instructor.
Visa and medical insurance shall be provided.
One Flight tickets to/from home country shall be provided per annum.
30 calendar days of annual leave (paid) shall be provided.
Other terms to be discussed during the interview.
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