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Reformed By Lagree

3521 Braselton Highway
Dacula GA 30019
United States
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With the latest M3 Megaformer™ machines and sleek modern decor, our studio is ideal for your fitness transformation. Our core values at Reformed By Lagree is to provide a studio with high-quality amenities and experienced staff and trainers to ensure a valuable client experience.

“Every move effectively combines core, endurance, cardio, balance, strength and flexibility training.”
Physical fitness is more than being able to run a long distance or lift heavy weights. While these are important measures of fitness, they only address single areas. Physical fitness is made up of five basic elements: Cardio, Strength, Endurance, Body Composition, and Flexibility. Where many workouts and exercise regimens work to integrate as many of these elements as possible, Lagree Fitness™ meets all the elements to physical fitness; not just in 1 session but in each and every move.