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Your Personal Trainer, LLC

13217 Moran Drive
North Potomac MD 20878
United States
Your Personal Trainer, LLC Wyatt Oring
I am the founder and owner of Your Personal Trainer, LLC. I am an ACE-certified Personal Trainer, PNL1 Nutrition Coach and Level 1 Crossfit Trainer with a passion for health, nutrition, and fitness. Your Personal Trainer offers in-home, custom exercise training and nutrition programs. We help our clients combine exercise, nutrition and mindfulness as a holistic approach to a healthy mind and body. My research work for preeminent preventative medicine doctor, Dr. Michael Greger, informed my nutritional program developed for disease control and prevention. Of utmost importance is creating a process and environment that works for our clients. Therefore, our programs are designed to provide regular fitness assessments, design of custom workout plans, and progressive workout training sessions and nutrition plans that are personalized, fun, supportive, and inspirational!