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A well established Performance Coach of over 20yrs.
Currently traveling on the Pro Tennis tours working with top 10 players.

We have developed athletes from several countries, in a number of sports, helping them become National, International and Olympic/Commonwealth Games Champions!! And we're still going!!!!

Opening a new Athletic Development Training company to bring our approach to training and life to the general public and local athletes!!

We already have a captive audience, starting up in Washington State and Northern California. Our initial locations are located within well established and high quality tennis academies!!

We take a hybrid and holistic approach to training our clients and athletes. A movement based approach combining Traditional and more Progressive movements into our programming.

Mobility, Strength through movement, "Primal" movement patterns, Breathing techniques and absolutely, lots of FUN- small sided games, novelty, etc to ensure we combine all aspects of performance into everything we do!!

We look at Mindset, Movement, and Mentorship as our foundation. These are all required for real world and lasting performance!!

As mentions, we have been training youth and professional athletes from all over the planet for over 20 years now.

Looking for good people to help us build an amazing community in a fun and challenging environment.

Just like in life, it is going to be a great adventure!!!!!

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