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Frankford DE 19945
United States
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PUSH Fit began as a way for the co-founders to share our vision regarding health and wellness. While embarking on our own journeys, we all found success by utilizing Beachbody’s workout and nutrition programs. In total, we have lost 150+ lbs and gained a positive mindset. We realized that our success was in part due to our dedication but also having the support of a community comprised of health-focused individuals was vital.

The co-founders have taken their 60+ combined years experience in the corporate world and 18+ years in Nursing/Healthcare to helping health and wellness professionals implement programs that add more value and revenue streams through the Beachbody platform. PUSH Fit is not only a Preferred Partner with NASM, but has the expertise and experience in creating successful and worthwhile partnerships.

PUSH Fit is that community that so many people are searching for as we focus on exercise, nutrition, and mindset.